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Job Descriptions

Baby-Sitters – All About Nannies sitters have been screened in the same manner as our permanent placements. Most of our sitters have been placed into local households by our agency. The agency owner selects your sitter each time you call to make your reservation. Our babysitters are current or former nannies looking for a permanent position or wanting extra income.

A Mother's Helper works along side a busy mother, lending a hand with all the household tasks relating to the children. A mother's helper would probably be a newly qualified nanny.

A Nanny is employed to care for the total well being of the children. A nanny is responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day care i.e. cooking for the children, children's laundry, general activities, and stimulation and development of the children. Nannies will keep the kitchen, play areas and children's rooms picked up and tidy. Extra duties will need to be discussed and agreed upon.

Personal Assistant: This position is also known as a Family Assistant or Executive Assistant. This position entails more of a one-on-one relationship with the employer. Duties would include keeping of the family agenda, arranging for reservations of various events, tending to the needs of guests, event planning, travel schedules and arrangements, secretarial responsibilities, gift shopping, wrapping and running errands of all types.

Household Manager: Is responsible for the smooth operation of the residence(s). Duties entail hiring, training and termination of staff members, interviewing and supervising all outside contractors, managing of household accounts, orchestration of functions, stocking and care of all home supplies, scheduling preventative maintenance for the home and auto and ensure clothing is cleaned and ready for wear.

Housekeeper - Experienced in performing all or most of household tasks. Duties include: dusting; mopping and vacuuming; polishing furniture; washing dishes or loading and unloading the dishwasher; making beds and changing the linen; cleaning bathrooms; and making sure that there is an abundant amount of cleaning supplies. Depending upon the person along with compensation level, housekeepers may or may not require supervision and direction.

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