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Client Testimonials



Thank you so much!  Thank you also for your help and guidance throughout this process.  Your service truly lives up to your tag line!  Today was our last day of daycare, bittersweet but we are so looking forward to having our kids in Gloria’s care! 

Thanks again,
Jessica and Clint


  I hope this note finds you well!  I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how extremely happy we are with Judy.  She is absolutely wonderful and the children really love her.   She has brought a lot to  our family and we really enjoy seeing the children so happy.  She spends so much time developing skills with the boys and really makes learning fun for Kendall.  I’m so eternally grateful to you that you placed Judy with us.  You knew exactly what our family needed.  Judy is a true Blessing to the Kamphaus family.

Regards, Nicole Kamphaus


I would just like to thank you and the wonderful nannies who took care of the children during my wedding. All of the kids and the parents had the greatest things to say about the care they received, and the kids had a great time. One of the parents was inquiring about photos, since Elsa and Spider-Man visited. Thanks again.


Jill Goodwin

Cindy, I just wanted to let you know we are thrilled with Felicia. She is a treasure. Thanks again for sending her our way.

Have a good day.
Kristen Moorhead

October 19, 2014
Hi there! 

I must say how incredibly pleased I was with your service, communication and follow up. You are truly a professional and run a fantastic company, that I will refer (many) mommy's and otherwise to! 

Thanks for your help and service. 

Heather MacLean

November 23, 2014
Hi, Cynthia.  We LOVED Elicia!   Thanks again for all your help during my mother-in-law's hospitalization!

Sandy Reguerin

>Hi Cindy, it's been awhile, but that's because our nanny we hired three years ago is so fantastic! However, she will be gone for a few days in the near future, and I'm hoping you can help place a babysitter with me. Another great story is that the temporary babysitter you placed with me 2 years ago (Mackenzie Collier) is now an interior decorator and is helping me with my house!  M. Solorzano

Well I can't believe the last 3 weeks have gone by so fast. Kathy is wonderful. Very professional, amazing work ethic & my kids absolutely LOVE her. She has a truly amazing gentle, quiet authority over them - she's like a Kid-Whisperer. LOL. Thanks so much for sending her our way!

Kimberley & Mark

Thanks so much for your help over these 3 years!  I did give your name
to a friend of mine moving to AZ from MI this summer.  She has a 6 year
old daughter.  So she might be contacting you. I will continue to
recommend your service.  You were always very responsive to emails and
the 2 nannies (Samantha and Allison) were wonderful.  I couldn't have asked for anything better for my boys!
Thank you!


Hi Cindy
Thanks so much.
We have had a wonderful experience and truly appreciate your help.
Madhavi Kurli

Hi Cindy,

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy we are with Kelly.  She is so fun and playful with our son and he just loves her.  Kelly likes her schedule and does a great job with the day to day needs of being a nanny.

Thank you again for helping us find her so quickly!
Lee and Tracy Laris

July 12, 2011

Hi Cindy,

It's been a while since we have spoken, but I think of you often - every time I think of how lucky we are to have Kacie Gibson in our life. She has an amazing attitude and heart and has fit right into our family. She has made the transition to being a mom, as well as a working mom, almost seamless at times. I had so many fears about going back to work and having a great caregiver for our son Wes has made such a difference in my attitude about it.

I wanted to thank you again for your services. I especially appreciated your candor when we were deciding between two candidates. That type of guidance is exactly the type of value that we were hoping to get from you. THANK YOU.

I hope that this email finds you well and surviving another summer. 


Ali Buford


I wanted to take a moment while I was up to thank you for your amazing service!  The kids loved Yolanda and she was awesome with them.  We were so impressed with your ability to provide such professional service at such short notice.

Thank you!
Leigh Klein

Thank you Cindy for all your hard work and enabling us to find a great nanny. Everything is working out well with Soshie. We are going to complete the contract this week and she will drop it by for you.

Thanks, Jaime and Zola NDandu

Hi Cindy,

Thank you so much for getting us the drug screen for Martha.We are really excited about her and are so happy you sent her our way. We will definitely be sharing our great experience with All About Nannies with our friends.

Thanks again,
Dina Goldman

I have been a nanny/housemanager in the valley for over 7 years, primarily in N. Scottsdale.  Over these years I have been placed from several different agencies in the valley. None of those agencies has the dedication that Cindy does.  She cares, she is honest,dedicated, and most of all a great sense of humor, making the process much less stressful. She is there guiding you in the process from start to finish.  She has placed me in my most recent job and she was just wonderful!  I only hope that I will be with this family for a long time.  If not, I will definitely use Cindy at All About Nannies once again. 

 I truly thank you Cindy, you have blessed my life......Susan        


We just wanted to give you an update. We are extremely happy with Juliette. She fits in perfect with our family and she is awesome with our boys. We have recommended your nanny agency to other friends. Thank you so much for finding us a wonderful nanny. 

Thank You,
Marcy Tyree 

Dear Cindy,

Here is Jackie's intent to Hire Form....let me know if you need anything else...Thanks for all your wonderful assistance in finding fill in gals. I can't say enough about how pleased I have been with everyone that has come through my home...Thanks 

Sara Newman

Dear Cindy,

Brittney was great to work with. She made the last trimester of my pregnancy very easy. She took great care of our daughter. After our son was born she helped me along with his care. I was amazed at how she transitioned from taking care of a toddler to a newborn. Brittney kept our daughter, age 2, busy with painting, arts and crafts time, you name it! To this day our daughter asks about Brittney and cannot wait to go back to Arizona to see her. Overall Brittney is a wonderful person and we would recommend her to anyone. 

 Na’il and Tiffany Diggs


We thought this was going to be a long and hard search for the right nanny, never in our wildest dreams did we expect to have this completed in one week! All four nannies you sent to us were amazing, but we fell in love with Brittani and hired her last night! We did the 2 working interviews you suggested and now are ready for the final paperwork.Thanks for making this not only easy but fun. 

Jon and Jaime


I got all three of the nanny profiles. Thanks so much! You sure do wake up early and start working, especially for a Saturday!


Hi Cindy!

We feel like we have hit the jackpot! Thank you for helping us -- I guess just being patient all this time was bound to pay off!! Have a wonderful evening!
~ Lisa 


I would like to hire Michelle as my baby's nanny! She's great. Thank you so much for sending her. 

Krista and Alejandra

Hi Cynthia,

8 months have gone by since we have doubled the size of our family. We started out with Stephanie which worked out extremely well for us - thanks for making that happen and then moved our kids into daycare. As they have had good times there too, they have been sick a lot lately and we have come to the conclusion that maybe for the next several months a home care nanny would be more beneficial for the growth and development of our kids.
Now with that "All About Nannies" came back to my mind and I wanted to inquire if you would have some profiles of nannies available for us to make the next step.

Kind Regards, 
Volker and Rosina


We are impressed with the nannies you have sent, all of them are very professional. They are even bringing their portfolios with them for us to see. We were having a hard time making a choice, but the working interviews cleared that up. Thank you for moving on this so quickly. We love Kelly and are looking forward to her being our nanny.



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