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Car Insurance

If your nanny is driving her own vehicle transporting your children here and there it would be wise to check not only, that she has insurance, but also that she has higher limits of liability. Her limits should at least match your own. I would suggest limits no lower than $100/ $300/ 100. It also is advisable to ask her insurance company to issue a current certificate of liability insurance as proof that she has “in force” insurance.

Even though there are not guarantees, spending a few minutes to make certain of “in force” insurance, may help you avoid getting dragged into a liability law suit if she is involved in a “at fault” accident with serious injuries only to find out she has Arizona’s “state minimum” limits of liability insurance ( $15/ $30/ 10 ). This could cause disastrous financial consequences.

Even though Arizona is a “mandatory insurance” state it is estimated 1/3 of the drivers have no insurance and another 1/3 have only the state minimum limits of liability.

If you nanny does need to use her car for on the job travel she would need to talk to her insurance agent and question them about increasing her coverage.

If an additional cost is needed to cover the nanny for business use of her car, then it would be appropriate for you as her employer to cover that cost. That is why it is always safer for the nanny to drive the family owned and family insured vehicle for transporting the children. 

Insurance Facts Provided by Jack Mianecki – Farmers Insurance 602-996-6866

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